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We the People, A Patriotic Salute to America

Directed by Matt Johnson

Saturday, May 3rd 1-4 pm and Monday, May 5, 7-9 pm

Sandwich Opera House Community Room

Performance Dates
Friday, July 25 thru Sunday July 27th at the Sandwich Opera House.

Auditions will be a cold reading from the script.

Casting 3 males, 3 females and 6-10 extras (3 children).

'How can you say a few words about America?' So begins this patriotic tableau as a committee discusses putting on a patriotic show for their town. Just what does America mean to them? One person pulls out the Preamble to the Constitution, and they decide to use it as a framework for their play. Through a series of sketches organized phrase by phrase from the Preamble, they show not only how the Constitution applies to our past, but also to our present and future. Everyday life is showcased in both funny and poignant vignettes, offering a variety of moods as it explores the deeper meanings of the language of the Constitution. From two neighbors arguing their constitutional rights to have crab grass to an immigrant's heart-warming story of coming to America, this Norman Rockwellesque review offers slices of life in America. Spelling bees..parades... letters home from war... all become part of this patchwork quilt of American life. This play will serve as a fine reminder that the remarkable words written by our forefathers many years ago are still a living document, part of our lives each and every day.


2014 Sandwich Fair Melodramas

This year we are excited to present two full productions again:
Someone Save My Baby Ruth Directed by Kaitlyn Brochman and
The Fairest Flower of the South Directed by Sue Graham

Auditions for Both Productions
Sunday, June 29 from 1-4pm and Monday, June 30 from 7-9pm

Sandwich Opera House Community Room

Performance Dates for Both Productions
September 3-7 at the Sandwich Fair Grounds - IVT Tent

Auditions will be a cold reading from the script.

Our annual Melodramas are an IVT tradition and a crowd favorite. Several opportunities are available for all ages. This is a great way for inexperienced actors to try their hand at acting or to hone their skills.


Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance
2014 Fall Dinner Theatre

Directed by Chris Johnson

Sunday, July 13 1-4pm and Monday July 14 7-9pm

Sandwich Opera House Community Room

Performance Dates
October 16-19, at the Fox Valley Older Adults Center

Auditions will be a cold reading from the script.

Casting the following parts:

BETHANY - a new woman; bright, strong, independent, beautiful; but she's a locked vault, living life only for tomorrow; dependency- 10, self-esteem- 0

FLOYD - Beth's fiancee; the tortoise; stable, safe, durable; but he loves Bethany, and when that is threatened he is going to break out of his shell, even if it kills him

CHANCE - Beth's first husband; the hare; wild and free, adventure was his middle name; loves Beth as well and is not about to let a little thing like his own death keep him from spending the rest of their life together

VERNA - Floyd's mother; protective and suspicious, looking at life in a rose-colored rear-view mirror

CRYSTAL - flamboyant with a capitol FLAM; actually with a capitol BOYANT as well; a psychic with a sarcastic edge that's Wilkenson sharp, but there's a darkness behind that party girl facade

ADAM - Verna's age; happy-go-lucky charm that's contagious

Bethany is bright, strong, independent, beautiful and has zero self-esteem. She has brought her finance, Floyd, and his mother, Verna, up to her cabin in the woods, the site of the hunting accident that killed Chance, her first husband. Much to her consternation, he or rather, his ghost is still there. Only Bethany can see him, so Floyd and Verna think she is crazy as she frantically tries to get rid of, well, it seems to them nobody. Chance, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to prevent Bethany from marrying Floyd. Bethany even brings in a delightfully kooky psychic to help deal with the ghost of Chance.


Indian Valley Theatre stages many of its performances at
the Historic Sandwich Opera House.

The Opera House is located at 140 E. Railroad Street in beautiful Sandwich, Illinois. Box office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 12:00pm and then 1:00pm to 4:30pm. The box office is also open one hour before each performance.

To learn more about the Opera House please visit their website.






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