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Teach the children, and they will teach the adults.

Just like watching parades, enjoying ice cream, taking a long-planned vacation or cooling off at the local swimming holes, Indian Valley Theatre’s Children’s and Teen Workshops are a grand summertime tradition.

IVT offers children and youth, from incoming first graders to graduating high school seniors, a fun, safe and rewarding atmosphere to learn about theatre and build their confidence performing. Whether this is their first theatre experience or they are already comfortable taking command of the stage, IVT’s Summer Workshops are for everyone!

Workshops are not just a summer tradition – they’re a long-standing ritual of IVT’s treasured history!  As part of their dream to bring local, community theatre alive in the Fox Valley area, IVT’s founding members wanted to make sure that kids enjoyed the stage, too.  When IVT’s star was born, so were the summer workshops!

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