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Memorable Moments - Murder is a Game

If you missed Indian Valley Theatre's production of Murder is a Game at the Sandwich Opera House, October, 2022, here is what you would have seen.

Murder is a Game is a clever play surrounding Toby & Sloan Bigelow (Nick Bantz-Beaty & Jen Ketchum), two famous mystery writers. Their publisher, Lois Dunston (Christine Roe) has given them an anniversary gift to stay in a Mansion that was used for the movie: “Murder is a Game”. She arranges for a few “actors” to play parts of a murder plot to help get The Bigelows creative juices going to write another book.

Nick Ranelli (Logan Graham), Stephen Leech (Darren Whaley), June Ripley (Brittany Watne), Cora Leech (Shelbbie Daugherty) and BB Mink (Megan Shupe)

These characters set up some great plot ideas for the Bigelows with many surprising twists and turns. You think you know who they are, but maybe you don’t! The play is not only one of mystery and surprises, but had some humor to keep everyone entertained. The play was directed by Chris Greenwood Williams.

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