Auditions for The Rented Christmas show will be held October 2nd and 3rd at Sandwich Opera House.

Updated: Sep 20

Indian Valley Theatre announces auditions for their Christmas show, The Rented Christmas, October 2nd and October 3rd. Auditions will be held in the community room of the Sandwich Opera House on October 2 between 1-4pm and October 3rd, between 6-9pm.

Here is a synopsis of the play and a list of characters needed.

John Dale, a local wealthy businessman, hasn’t enjoyed a “real Christmas” for many years. On the spur of the moment, he decides to visit the local rental shop (“We Rent Anything”) and orders a Christmas. The stipulations are a tree with presents, Christmas carols, and a wife and children. Anne Weston, who owns the shop, calls the local actors’ guild to hire actors for Christmas Eve and Day. The actors all developed measles; so Anne calls the local orphanage. With no one to play the wife, Anne takes on the role herself. John Dale’s Rented Christmas offers a new life for all involved. This is a poignant and light-hearted story for everyone.

Linda Whaley, Director Matt Savage, Assistant Director


John Dale (businessman) Male actor: ages 30s-50s.

Anne Weston (owner of the rental shop) Woman aged 30s-50s

Jimmy (part time employee of the rental shop) teens to late 20s

Bridget (John’s housekeeper) flexible; young to middle age

Martha (John’s cook, Martha’s sister) flexible; young to middle age

Jean (teenage orphan) Age flexible

Cynthia (teenage orphan) Age flexible

Willie (orphan) Age flexible

Lettie (orphan) Age flexible, child age 6 or older preferred

Ms. Alice Lindsey (matron in charge of the orphanage) mid 20s and up

Fred (John’s business partner) Adult male, age late 20s to 50s

Choir of Christmas carolers (orphans and others) at least 10 individuals, children, teens, adults